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What is the ventless fireplace?

The smokeless fireplace is a real fireplace, with real fire, but without chimney, smoke or harmful emissions. For a downtown or condominium apartment, or for a family home where the installation of a traditional fireplace or tile stove is not possible due to the lack of a chimney.

The smokeless fireplace is a unique product of ours in Italy, it delivers all of the pleasurable properties of fire except smoke. Its operation is simple, comfortable, clean and does not require lengthy preparation as in the case of its traditional predecessors.





The term ventless fireplace actually refers to the biofireplace or ethanol fireplace, which is getting more and more popular. A ventless fireplace (or biofireplace, if you prefer that more) does not work with wood, coal or any other conventional material as these produce toxic gases during combustion and therefore require a chimney and smoke ventilation. As the name of the product includes the word "bio", which is popping up in more and more places, we can immediately think that this is a modern solution that is completely environment-friendly and not at all dangerous to our health.


The ventlessfireplace, with a brilliant new solution, eliminates the need for a chimney when you want a fireplace in your home. In the fireplace, a special material is burned, a kind of alcohol, which is environment-friendly, safe to use and does not require a chimney at all.