Bioethanol Burner 70cm

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Model: AF/SPARK/700
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Expected delivery: September 29, 2020

Our newest 70 cm burner offers an incredible view as it burns. Its double layered stainless steel walls allow both indoor and outdoor placement. The 1.5 liter bio ethanol fuel that this burner can hold offers and estimated burning time of 4 hours. This is our most fuel-efficient burner currently. The main priority in the design of this burner is safety. The burner comes with a built-in fuel overload indicator that will help you avoid unsafe fuel overload and it protects against fuel spillage. In addition, the burner is equipped with a ceramic cotton layer, which slows down the evaporation process of the bio ethanol fuel, which significantly extends the burning time.

This product is made to last and to back this up we are offering 2 year manufacturer's warranty


Dimensioni:  2 év garancia

lunghezza: 70 cm (il fuoco brucia per una lunghezza di 49 cm)
larghezza: 20 cm
altezza: 7 cm

Volume: 1,5 litri

Caratteristiche principali:

  • Privo di fumo – non richiede nessun collegamento a gas o elettrico
  • Indicatore di eccesso
  • sistema di prevenzione fuoriuscita combustibile
  • Facile da utilizzare, non richiede manutenzione
  • Tempo di combustione: 4 ore/ricarica
  • Potenza massima: 5 kWh
  • Parete a doppio strato
  • 2 anni di garanzia

Contenuto della confezione:

  • 1pz. bruciatore a etanolo incorporabile da 70 cm
  • fibra ceramica nel serbatoio
  • 1 pz. strumento smorzatore di fiamma


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